Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Coming Soon to a Party Near You: long as he can get over this nasty hand, foot & mouth.  Poor lil' guy.  (has anyone else's kids had that?  It's awful!  any advice????)

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I made it 13.1 miles!  I did it!  Faster than I expected, but I still know I can do better the next time.  My knee hurt, but it held out, thanks to some help I had (from above).  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wish Me LUCK!!!!


My half marathon is on Saturday.

I am so nervous that I have recurring dreams that I'm running in the race, and 4 miles in, I realize I forgot to put my shoes on, and then I also realize I forgot to wear a shirt...

I have also developed a bad case of 'runner's knee'.  I blame it on the crazy roller coasters at Knott's Berry Farm.  (we had soooo much fun on vacation last week! I  may even post about it in a year and a half.)  So now, I may or may not cross the finish line crawling.  But I'm going to finish.  Unless I really do forget to wear a shirt.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blame it on the....

Remember my 30 Before 30 list?  I am writing to tell you that I've done nothing on that list. 

But.  I am working on that.  My wonderful neighbor and friend, Whitney* (check out her running blog here) has pressured, no, threatened, I mean CONVINCED me to run a 1/2 marathon in October.  As in 13 miles.  As in 12 1/2 miles more than I can run. This can only mean one thing.

I have lost my mind in my old age. 

I will tell you a story about the one time I tried to run a 5K and I wore bad shoes and I got a bleeding blister and lost 8 pints of blood, and lost the race to the following individuals: 1. My 80 year old husband with a bum knee (he was waiting on knee surgery at the time)  2.  My 52 year old mother in law (but to her credit she is always fit) 3. Our friend Kam, who happened to be pushing his 5-year-old twins in a stroller.  I think I finished in something like 42 minutes.  Please don't judge.

I hung my head in shame for 5 years.

So, now, in an effort to prove that I really am not old enough to enter the alzheimers rest home down the street from my house, I am setting out to finish this thing.  Josh even let me get new running shoes (since I was still wearing ones that had been destroyed by Kona... they had most of the sole left on them!)
Pretty, huh!:
<em>Nike</em> LunarGlide+ <em>2</em> Women's Running Shoes

So, as a non runner, I am going to need all of the advice/help/encouragement/threats/bribes from everyone.  What should my diet be like?  I hope I don't run with my butt sticking out.  Or maybe I am supposed to?  If I make my palms flat will I really run faster?  What about music?  If I die during the run will they just kick me over to the curb until the race is over?  See, I don't know anything.  Please help.

*As a side note, I think it's important for you to know that Weston is in love with Whitney's daughter, Katie.  He'll probably ask her to prom next year.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

5 YEARS!!!

On May 18, 2006, Josh and I looked like this:

Ah, we were so young, innocent, naive, full of energy, and probably a little bit dumb...

Please note that by the time this picture was taken we had both melted a little bit -- it was 92 degrees the day we got married, which in fact still holds the record for the hottest temp. on this day in Utah...
This was due to the fact that Josh and I are so sizzling.

And then:

24 e.r. visits 
1 college degree
1 new house,
at least 10 gallons of paint
2 new (to me) cars
1 dog (I miss Kona, :( but don't tell!)
3 car accidents
2 beach vacations (really?  that's all?  Now I am sad!!!)
1 cutest-but-most-demanding-child in the world
20 gray hairs (not mine, please I'm still a baby!)
3,400 diapers

and 5 years later....

We look like this.

And that my friends, is what marriage has done to us.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Reason #15 Weston was supposed to be a girl:

He is ridiculously pretty.  

Is it normal to be jealous of your son's eyelashes?  Because I am.  Insanely jealous.  
And if that's not normal, I'm not even going to admit that I secretly try to teach Weston how to put on mascara, just so I can see what it looks like.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Girly Man

Oops -- was I supposed to post in February?
(I used to think I would be posting great, entertaining things several times a week.  Then I told myself that I had to entertain the world at least once a month.  Then I sat down on the couch and didn't get off for a year.)

My son thinks I'm the bees knees.
He loves to use my makeup brushes and put on headbands and wear my shoes.
He also puts on lotion and hair product and swings his hips when he walks.

Josh does not like.
If Weston gets any more girly, I think Josh will secretly try to give him up for adoption without me knowing.

But I think it's cute.


Sunday, January 30, 2011


Who needs tropical vacations when we can have surgery???

We L-O-V-E to spend any extra cash on Josh's 80-year-old broken body.  After all, we have to keep his flawless exterior looking, well... flawless.

So, since Josh has spent his week like this:

Weston has spent his week like this:

Oh, and I've spent my week curled up in the corner in fetal position crying just as much as Weston.  But Josh failed to get a picture of that, seeing as he only has one arm.   Can anyone say mom/wife fail?

Does it make me a bad person that I am reeeeeally looking forward to Weston going to daycare tomorrow?  Does it make me an even worse person that I'm thinking about leaving him there for a few weeks and/or trading him for one of her easier children???

Here's to improvement this week.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

{insert new year's title here}

I feel like I will be left out if I don't post about the new year and the hope it brings.  So this is that post.

Except for mine is more exciting because I am posting this:

{my apologies to those who didn't get a Christmas card in the mail.  I still love you all.}

Continuing on...
My weird but totally adorable husband has never believed in New Year's Resolutions.  So for a while, I gave up on having my own because he refused to encourage me. (I think he was just afraid I'd accomplish mine and he wouldn't... so competitive!!!) But for some reason this year I'm trying to get off my lazy butt and do something noteworthy remain hopeful and optimistic about my future.
So... how am I going to do this?  My friend Tasha inspired me to make my very own 30 before 30 list.  Because, let's face it, I am turning old this year.  Sob.  And the worst part is, I've only done 2 of these things.  I'll keep updating this post as the months go on -- and see how much I can get done this year!

My Very Own 30 Before 30
(p.s. these are not in any order of importance.)
(p.p.s. don't judge on any of these -- encouragement is appreciated! :)

1.  Grow my hair out long
2.  Own a bicycle
3.  Go surfing
4.  Complete my Bachelor's Degree
5.  Help Josh find a new job
6.  Meet the Governor
7.  Start/ work on my family history
8.  Finish my basement
9.  Become debt free
10.  Don't eat sugar for an entire month
11.  Swim with dolphins
12.  Complete a 1/2 marathon
13.  Learn how to knit and/or crochet
14.  Travel to Hawaii
15.  Wear a fancy dress to a fancy party
16.  Go white-water rafting
17.  Sell a photograph
18.  Get a new stamp in my passport
19.  Take a yoga class
20.  Attend a temple session in a temple outstide of Utah
21.  Visit Jaylene in Georgia
22.  Go to Disneyworld!
23.  Play a round (18 holes) of golf
24.  Sew curtains for my house
25.  Record a song in a studio
26.  Win a contest (I don't even care what it is!)
27.  Take Josh to Washington D.C. and New York City
28.  Go skydiving
29.  Join a real choir
30.  Become a better cook and healthier eater

Anyone that can help, inspire, encourage me in my goals?  Does anyone have a list of their own?