Monday, June 07, 2010

Hey Mom! I wanna steak!!!

Last week Weston's first installment to his million-dollar smile made its appearance. What a cute little bugger!!! He'll be eating prime rib in no time.

My sister, Carrie, has moved in with us for the summer. I'm so happy!!! I feel like I have octopus arms now, and can actually get things done! Who knew I could sit on the couch and have dinner get cooked at the same time! Oops, I think I just admitted I am lazy and sit on the couch while I order my younger sister around the kitchen....
Also among our accomplishments this last week -- Josh passed a monster of a kidney stone (which he named Young Obama, because, in Josh's words, it "causes pain and anguish"). However, I don't have a picture of that nasty thing. You're welcome. Weston's tooth is just so much cuter.

Sadly, I have no noteworthy accomplishments of my own. I live vicariously through my boys.