Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wish Me LUCK!!!!


My half marathon is on Saturday.

I am so nervous that I have recurring dreams that I'm running in the race, and 4 miles in, I realize I forgot to put my shoes on, and then I also realize I forgot to wear a shirt...

I have also developed a bad case of 'runner's knee'.  I blame it on the crazy roller coasters at Knott's Berry Farm.  (we had soooo much fun on vacation last week! I  may even post about it in a year and a half.)  So now, I may or may not cross the finish line crawling.  But I'm going to finish.  Unless I really do forget to wear a shirt.  

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Ashley Thompson said...

I am trying to stay motivated for mine in March. :-/ eek! I am just so dang exhausted! 12 weeks of hard core training is enough to never want to run again....ever. But, still, we do it. lol

P.S. Frickin love the picture. Exactly how I feel.