Monday, August 16, 2010

Tough guy vs. Girly Man

Weston has an adorable cousin and best friend:

He is adorable.  And a genius/ninja.  He's a tough guy -- just look at that mohawk!!!  (you can read about him here on Ev's Amazing Blog)

Carter does not like Weston to forget that he is 10 days older and tougher (is that a word?)than him.  Weston does not like anyone to forget that he is a whiny little girl.  (Remember Alice from my last post?  Yeah... her)

Enter Exhibits:
The baby punch:

Carter was a little upset when Weston showed up wearing the same outfit.  So like any tough guy would, he showed Weston that tough guys don't wear matching outfits, that girly men wear matching outfits.  Weston then did what he does best.  Whine.

Takedown #1:

We got together in St. George for their cousin Lydia's blessing.  Carter was a little upset that Weston's head is now bigger than Carter's.  So he told him to get out of his personal space, yo.  Weston, high-centered on his giant belly, whined.  And tried to squirm away.  But was unsuccessful.  Whine.

Takedown #2:
We thought they were playing nice.  But then Carter had to show off his superior crawling skills.  Weston was in his way.  When the shove didn't work, Carter had no problem showing Weston what's up.  What did Weston do?  He whined.

"Mommy, help me!"
Should we change his name to "WUS-ton?"

But really, don't let it fool you, these guys love each other!  Weston's baby lard will soon turn into pure muscle, as he's working out at the gym 3 hours a day and on a high-protein diet.  If that doesn't work, maybe we'll try some steroids.  And THEN, he'll show Carter who's boss...

(This photo also demonstrates another problem... See the pointed toes?  Weston thinks he is a ballerina. Or a mermaid.  Hard to tell...)