Monday, February 23, 2009

Gonna Get my HIGH SCHOOL on!

As embarrassing as it is, I am EXCITED beyond words to head out to California tomorrow and "chaperone" (I use that term very, very loosely) for the Bear River High School choir/drama/orchestra/band/colorguard/ tour! I am leaving Josh alone to fend for himself and attend speech therapy all by himself like a big boy! (I have told him that he is training for the special olympics, and now he is excited as can be!) as well as try to take care of the devil's labrador. (also, we did take her to the vet, and it is confirmed, she is one-half Satan) My trip is two parts self-serving, as I will have an incredibly fun time pretending I am in high school again, only way cooler this time, as well as making Josh realize how helpless he is without me and that he will never let me leave his side again. To better prepare myself to hang out with high school kids once again (contrary to popular belief I did not graduate last year...) I have been polishing up my high school skills as follows:

*Using the word "like" well, like every other word.

*Working on my excited girl squeal. This can also be accompanied by short bursts of jumping up and down.

*"Oh my gosh, like did you see him checking me out? He thinks I am, like, totally hot!"

*Polishing up my texting skills. Using LOL and OMG in every day, real conversation is also okay.

*Working on my gossip -- and creating drama. e.g. -- "She said WHAT about you? I can't believe it. Whatev, her boyfriend is cheating on her anyway, it's true, I saw him."

*Listening to the top 40's stations so I can know all the words to the popular songs and sing along, loudly, to the radio.

*Accustoming my body to only 4 hours of sleep per night. This is a mandatory tour rule.

*Giggling. And then giggling a little more at my giggle.

*Bringing at least 32GBs worth of memory cards for my digital camera to document every minute of the trip, starting with the bus ride.  I have also been practicing my "high school picture face", which involves looking as weird as possible.

*Practicing my new talking voice, which is 8 notes higher and 200 decibels louder than my usual talking voice.

*Buying graphic tees -- shirts that say "thugs need hugs", "I'm kind of a big deal" and "your mom goes to college" will be a basic staple of my life.

AND since I cannot embarrass myself anymore, I am also including, for your enjoyment, pictures from when I was actually in high school.  And for those who are incriminated in these pictures... HA HA! You go down with me! :)

Brooke, Sara and I.  Like, what babes.  The guys wanted us.

I love these girls!
These two pictures are actually from when I attended choir tour to NYC! 

(this one is kind of hard to see... thanks, oh faithful, trusty scanner at my parent's house!)
Also, I did not pick these pictures.  I asked my sister to e-mail me some pictures of me in high school and this is what I got.  

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Josh's Happy Place

The doctor gave Josh an assignment this week -- to help his brain heal, he needs to take it to a relaxing, happy place... So I made this photo for Josh.  I can already see it working -- he has remembered my name for three days in a row!  I laugh so much at this photo I try not to snort.  It is that funny to me.

Josh polishing up his surfing skills that he never knew he had (he doesn't remember NOT being this good, so if it didn't look so fake, it could be real, right?)
And also, why do we not live on a beach?  Would it be highly impractical to tear out the grass in our backyard and fill it with sand?