Thursday, May 19, 2011

5 YEARS!!!

On May 18, 2006, Josh and I looked like this:

Ah, we were so young, innocent, naive, full of energy, and probably a little bit dumb...

Please note that by the time this picture was taken we had both melted a little bit -- it was 92 degrees the day we got married, which in fact still holds the record for the hottest temp. on this day in Utah...
This was due to the fact that Josh and I are so sizzling.

And then:

24 e.r. visits 
1 college degree
1 new house,
at least 10 gallons of paint
2 new (to me) cars
1 dog (I miss Kona, :( but don't tell!)
3 car accidents
2 beach vacations (really?  that's all?  Now I am sad!!!)
1 cutest-but-most-demanding-child in the world
20 gray hairs (not mine, please I'm still a baby!)
3,400 diapers

and 5 years later....

We look like this.

And that my friends, is what marriage has done to us.