Friday, May 22, 2009

Today is my birthday.

I love birthdays! How could one NOT like a day totally centered around ME??? :) Although I am dreading this whole new OLD chapter of my life, I especially love my birthday this year for a few reasons:

1 -- This is my birthday present to me:

Hooray new cars! Happy birthday, me!

2. Josh may or may not push me down the stairs for posting this, but it makes me happy. Last week Josh had knee surgery (again). This picture, however, tells a different story -- that he actually got surgery to become a lunch lady. I look at this picture every day and laugh. So I am posting it for everyone else's enjoyment, and that is a good birthday present to myself.

3-- We are going to the BEACH on Monday for an entire week!!! This is the best birthday/ anniversary present ever. My only wish is that my baby tummy would look more like a preggo belly and less like a spare tire. Come on, kid, can't you be a little more round or something in there??? I do hope no one mistakes me for a beached whale and tries to throw me back in the ocean.

Oh, yes, by the way, it was our 3-year anniversary on the 18th. I did not post some mushy anniversary post for the sole reason that I want to have a 4 and 5-year anniversary and did not want to upset Josh with my mushiness. But it's been a good three years. Really good.

There are many other reasons why I love birthdays, most of which have to do with my AWESOME family and friends!!! Thanks everyone for your wishes and love!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Forget Swine Flu....
it's the EGYPTIAN FLU!!!

Aaah, it's an epidemic!!! As I have watched close friends and family become affected by this serious condition, I thought I was immune...

When I was 12 I remember coming home from school, and my mom was lying on the couch, not looking too well. I was an overly dramatic child, (possibly still am???) and after several days of coming home to my mom like this, I had a panic attack and was convinced that my mom was dying, that she had cancer or was possibly being poisoned by our water (I did not drink it for days). I broke down and with worry, cried to my mom and begged her to tell me what was wrong!!!

She said to me, "Becca, I have the Egyptian flu"... oh man, this sounded bad. She for sure was dying. I cried some more.

Then I asked her, "what is the Egyptian flu???"

"Well, you get really sick, and then 9 months later, you become a

Here I am, 13 years later, and I've caught the FLU!!!!

p.s. we are still unsure if it is actually a baby, a chicken nugget or an alien, however, JR. will make his/her arrival sometime around Nov. 9th!!! Also -- if it is not a boy Josh says we have to give it back.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What, you miss me???

I seem to forget to post.  In my defense, I have been extremely busy with the following:

*** Jumping up and down that Ev moved back to Utah so now I have someone close by!  Thank you for moving to P.G.

*** Taking pictures of this handsome stud:  (girls, he's taken...)  He is sending this one out as his graduation announcement.  (kidding?)

*** Attending URKA's graduation, congrats!  Since no graduation is complete without a giant pineapple....

*** Calling everyone I know to remind them that it is my birthday this month!  I turn 19 finally!  (Yes, 25 sounds horrible, so I've reverted back a few years in my maturity level for the next little while...)  Actually, I've only reminded Josh every day that I demand angel food cake and a full 24 hours of pampering and exclusive attention from him.  

Yeah, I really haven't been busy.  Instead I spend my days daydreaming about the beautiful California beach -- I'll be seeing you soon!!!!