Saturday, July 10, 2010

Not Your Best Moment...

I love this kid...
I don't think I'm just being a blissfully unaware parent when I say he is absolutely adorable.

Here's a shocker -- Weston got all of his good looks from Josh.   (Or the mailman.  No one will ever know.)  Sometimes I am sad when I realize (and/or get told 5 times a day from everyone that sees me with him) that he looks nothing like me.
Because I have an 'overload' problem when it comes to taking pictures of Weston, we have at least 5000 photos of him since he was born.  And every once in a while, in those photos, I am reminded of what Weston has inherited from me.

His ability to step into bad lighting...

I'm sure you've noticed how un-photogenic I can be by now.  And as handsome as Weston is, sometimes I fall on the floor laughing at what I get on the camera.  I blame myself.

And now, Weston's debut of some of his least proudest moments:

And we'll start with Weston being his alter-ego,"Alice", as we like to call him.  Sometimes he is such a prima donna!  I'm pretty sure he was crying in French when I took this.  Look at those stuck-up pinkies in the air!

I picture him making a noise like "durrr"... Yes, I know my son's belly is so big that it keeps all limbs from touching the ground.  It's like a little baby teeter-totter.  Weeeee!

He also got his brains from me.  Good boy, way to get in your leafy greens for the day.  I'm so proud of you right now.

This is what we call the "turtle face".  He does it all of the time.  It also comes with sound-effects (he sounds like the plant from Little Shop of Horrors.  "Feed me, Seymour").

And then there's the "tongue":

Yes, I know you have polynesian blood already.  I am very aware of your abnormally large tongue, but thanks for showing me.  Again.

And our all time personal favorite:

We mentioned to Weston that he should model for Gap Baby.  He had a better idea.  Here he is practicing auditioning for the  cover of the new "little tummies" laxatives for babies.  Sometimes it sucks being all stopped up, doesn't it... Either that or he's trying to get the part in an asian baby ad.  It's hard to tell.

But all in all, at the end of the day, he's still my adorable, chubby, daddy's-boy baby.  Oh gosh, I love him.  As do all of the ladies.  And he knows it.
"Heeey, ladies.  No, this body is all-natural.  I really am that good looking."