Thursday, November 29, 2007

I know i haven't posted anything in a while, and I can't find my camera, so I can't even make this post exciting with good looking pictures of Josh and I. But I thought I'd just post an update here, mainly for Kristen, because I know how curious she is about my oh so exciting life! :)
This November has really been pretty uneventful. I got a second night job because I'm crazy, but I'm also embarassed about it and I don't like people to know where I work. I will say, though, that I work with a bunch of younglings and I am like the old maid they come to for advice and knowledge. (Hey, at least they think I'm wise!) The whole reason I decided to get a second job was because we hadn't sold our third car yet, and then BAM a week after I started working, it sold! So now we are happy! I still haven't gotten rid of the job yet, I'm too afraid to quit...
Thanksgiving was great! We had dinner at the Lunds on Wednesday night, Josh's mom is an excellent cook! I made a banana cream cheesecake that I was really nervous to bring, since Mary knows I'm not really a cook and has to feed Josh at least on a weekly basis to make sure he's actually eating something that tastes good, but I thought my pie was really tasty! Josh liked it too! We didn't have Thanksgiving at my parents, so we got to sit around all day and do absolutely nothing!
Josh and I are getting really excited for him to be done with school NEXT WEEK! Well, I probably am more excited than he is, because I am just imagining the money we'll save on gas -- the drive up to the U gets expensive 4 times a week! I also am excited because I got him a really cool graduation/Christmas present on e-bay and I can't wait for him to get it! Oh how I love online shopping. Which reminds me. Since I didn't post a Thanksgiving post, I thought I'd share with you a few things I'm grateful for:

1. Josh -- duh! Well, maybe I'm just putting him down because I didn't everyone would think I was a horrible wife and didn't appreciate my husband. Nah, really, I love him so much and am grateful for him every day. After all, who else would carry me to bed every night after I fall asleep on the couch -- I swear I'm narcoleptic! He also makes some delicious pancakes and looks pretty darn good in his Sunday clothes.

2. My wonderful family!!! I've been so blessed with six great sisters, and so far 3 great brother in laws. Who knew I could get along with that many people!! (Okay so I really get along with everyone, right?) I got to take my dad out to lunch yesterday, he came down with his Madrigal choir, who sang at Temple Square, and it was just such a wonderful experience to get to spend the day with him. I am lucky to share such a close relationship with my dad. Unfortunately I also share his round danish face. How sad.

3. Did I mention online shopping ????? With my crappy night job, I pretend to not have time to actually go out and go Christmas shopping, but maybe it's more of the fact that I like to procrastinate at my real job and hunt for bargains online all day. Who knows.

4. Skool Lunch! Today is Turkey Enchilada soup day, and my mouth has been watering since I realized that last night! I don't know how else I would get through the cold months without delicious soup on Thursdays. Which reminds me that I am grateful for our furnace that works most of the time (usually we have to pick between furnace or warm shower... it's a tough decision).
5. My church calling -- I know it might sound stupid, but I'm the relief society pianist and I absolutely love it. Besides the fact that I have my very own old lady fan club (they tell me I look sexy every week, I haven't decided if that is disturbing or not yet...) I find myself actually taking the time now to sit down and play my piano -- I have to make sure I play those hymns perfectly so my fan club can tell me I'm sexy AND talented! It's been a small blessing -- while I practice the hymns, I think it helps me bring the spirit back into my heart after working for the devil all day! (I have come to that realization that as I sit at my desk and destroy families all day (divorce) I really am working for the devil, as in these last days it's apparent how he is attacking the family!) I still love my real job though, (not my fake night job), and I am also grateful that I have a great boss who thinks I'm great, too. (No, he won't be reading this, I really meant that!)

Friday, November 02, 2007

This October has been so great! After Josh and I got back from vacation, we have been so busy that I haven't posted anything! Jaylene came out to visit from the Phillippines and gave us great news that her and Steve are moving back to the states! They will be in Columbus Ohio in January for Steve to go to graduate school at OSU! Next, the four of us older sisters got to be together as Erica went through the temple for the first time

and then a week later her and Jake tied the knot! Their temple sealing was beautiful, and we know they will be happy forever! I am glad to have ANOTHER brother in law named Jake! Sadly my camera was dead, so I didn't get any pictures from the temple, only from the reception that night.

I am just waiting for Erica to get back from her honeymoon to Mexico so I can get the ones I took on her camera! It has been such a great month for family time, and I have really been able to count my blessings and be grateful for the wonderful family that I have been blessed with!
Earlier this week I skipped out on work (even though I was sick anyway) and went to frightmares with most of my sisters! We had a lot of fun acting stupid and just spending quality time together.
Then Halloween came! This Halloween was extra special because Josh and I found out that we get to be aunts and uncles! His brother Jayson's girlfriend Heather is expecting a baby in June and I am very excited, this will be a first to me! After we had our annual clam chowder dinner at the Lund house, we went to Steve and Kristi's Halloween bash! I was excited to go, since Josh and I didn't even dress up last year -- we were boring married people! This year Josh was a cowboy and I was a boxer -- although everyone told me I just looked like a battered wife! Sad!

I thought I would put the link to my facebook album so if you want, you can enjoy all of my pictures from this month!