Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am DYING to blog about my cousin Cami's beautiful wedding, and especially my awesome, adventurous, oh so fun family vacation up to Park City this week, but first I need to take a nap, AND post some photos of my beautiful sister Carrie, who was a princess and let me take some 'Senior Photos' of her this weekend.  I know I've already dedicated a special post to her beautifulness, but honestly, I can't help myself -- she is so photogenic! Take a look for yourself:

Thursday, August 07, 2008

My husband, the crime fighter!

Although I've had a great 2 weeks with loads of stuff I could blog about, I owe Josh a post from 3 weeks ago.  Josh absolutely HATES the fact that I blog (and we won't even mention that I have a facebook for the sake of our marriage...) and mentions it on a regular basis that I am a shame to the Lund family name.  But THEN, all of the sudden, 3 weeks ago Josh actually asked me (very politely even, it was impressive!) if I would commemorate a special post to his amazing skills.  I am sure many of you know by now that Josh is amazingly good looking (that one is quite obvious, especially to him!), can swing a golf club like he was born with it, has super-human strength, may even be immortal actually, knows everything about U.S. History and can even hold his own in a fierce political debate.  So I shouldn't have been surprised when Josh went and pulled off his crime-fighting stunt and, after much research and investigating (we're talking skills to impress C.S.I. here) he caught the guy who had stolen his $52!  "Jose", as we like to call him, has been severely reprimanded by the police and hopefully his criminal ways won't continue where he is now.  Josh has been feeling quite victorious about his snatch, even though he won't be getting his money back...

Josh, Mr. McGruff would be proud to give you an honorary crime fighting badge!