Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Update As Promised...

Prepare for a longie... I'm so sorry for those who endure this whole thing!!! I've let most of the summer waste away without letting anyone know about my fun adventures. Oops. So... illustrated by lovely pictures, here is what I've been up to over mostly the last month...

Jaylene and Steve came in from Ohio! This was the hi-light of my summer for sure. Most of us sisters (Minus Ev, sorry Ev!) were able to go with my grandparents on a drive up to Bear Lake to get a raspberry shake and then a hike around Tony Grove Lake. It was SOOOO much fun -- and ended in the funniest muddy adventure that made me almost pee my pants. Really, I was terrifyingly close...

This is me 2 weeks ago at 28 weeks -- I am much more giant now. Giant like a house. Or an elephant. I get asked all of the time -- when are you due, tomorrow? Sadly, I shake my head and say I have two months left. And then watch as eyes pop out of their heads. My baby probably will weigh 20 pounds when he comes out. Sad.

In July Grandpa Pete had his 80th birthday! We love and enjoy this man so so much -- if you're ever looking for entertaining UFO stories, he's the guy! I don't know what Josh and G-Pa were looking at, but it clearly was more interesting than whoever took the picture...

Summer means spending time with my fabulous sisters! I love these girls so much -- I've had several opportunities to go out and party with these clowns -- this pic is from our adventurous mini golf experience and YES i got a hole in one for reals. I am that good. Ev and Erica did not. They are terrible :)

Ev and I fear that we carry our babies in our new double chins. This is our way of concealing them.

I've also had many more adventures -- involving baby's first time out on a boat -- he really liked it. I liked it up until the point where I tried to jump off of the boat onto the dock and realize I have no grace, nor vertical jump anymore. I tripped and fell into the water. It was awkward.

Another key awkward moment -- ward temple night, which involved a 10 minute wardrobe malfunction -- and I was on the front row for everyone to see and enjoy... The cute temple worker that helped me came up afterward and asked -- "so is this your LAST TIME coming to the temple until after your baby is born?" Yes, that's right. I believe i am kicked out of the temple until November.

So many of my friends are having babies right around me! I am sad I did not post a picture of the fun baby showers I've been lucky to go to -- it has been so much fun to share stories with my preggo friends. Oh they're so cute.

I also DID go to the BE County Fair on Saturday night. I tried to conceal myself from spotting anyone I knew -- and for the most part succeeded. I had a good time playing with Brooke, Sara and Jill's cute kids.

This summer I've also had the opportunity to take many photos of beautiful people! Too bad I am keeping those secret and you don't get to see until they make their debut on my upcoming photography blog. But I have to make baby's quilt and other bedding first before I'm allowed to create that whole thing... Which brings me to the next part -- pics of baby's nursery coming soon! We did get it all painted (minus touching up the chair rail) and the crib and changing table are up! It's going to be so cute!!!

That's my summer in a nutshell. Josh is allowing me to put up fall decorations after labor day!!! He made me wait until October last year so I am happy.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My parents are funny.

Yesterday was their 30th anniversary!!! Way to go! I'm so happy they've set an example of a lasting marriage and eternal companionship for all us girls to follow. They truly are great parents.

Above is a photo of them clear back in May when we told them they got to be grandparents AGAIN (after Ev had shared her exciting news). They are the most excited people in the entire world to be blessed TWICE this year with their first grandchildren!!! I seriously love them so much. And, while you can stay tuned for a greatly anticipated update post of what exciting things I have been doing over the last month since I posted last (I'll give you a hint -- it involves sitting around being a gushy pregnant woman and a lot of sleeping), I wanted to dedicate an especially gushy post to my parents for being SO GREAT!!!
Dad: I love how he makes up nicknames for everyone. All 7 of us girls have crazy and largely embarrassing nicknames that he calls us by (no I will not tell you!) and he also makes up songs about people. What a hoot. I won't post anything embarrassing about him, like how having 7 girls has made him crazy emotional and extremely tuned-in to sensitivity... Oops.

Mom: Wow, this little quiet lady is a crackup! When we were young and would ask her a dumb question, her answers were always entertaining-- example: "Mom, is dinner ready?" (after it's all set out on the table, clearly ready) she would say "Nope. This is all plastic food from your toy kitchen". and then we would say "mooooooooom" in that little annoyed sing-song voice, and then she would say "what? you ask a dumb question, you get a dumb answer!" Somehow I still ask dumb questions, though. Never learned.

Happy Anniversary, parents! Love you both so, so so much!!!!

And really, I promise to post again SOON.