Monday, July 21, 2008

The "KIDS" Question
It seems that since we've been married more than 2 years now, have a place of our own (finally!)and even more especially since the birth of our cute niece Hadley, we can't avoid the "kids" question. "When are we going to see a little Josh walking around?" "So now that you have a house, you're making a nursery for your Jr. Becca, right?" Usually, people get the usual answers to these questions from Josh, such as "Oh, crap, honey, did you leave baby in the trunk again?", "Picturing Becca as fat, hormonal and pregnant makes me throw up", or "Didn't you know, we have a kid, he's just ugly so we leave him in the closet". Usually people quit asking us after a while.
So for all of you wondering why after 2 years we don't have kids (gasp!), I've come to the conclusion that we're scared to death, probably because of the usual reaction I get from a small child. Case in point:

I really am that upsetting!

(This one may be my favorite, as I am getting the world's worst crusty. Who knew i could be so disgusting to a one month old baby!)

Sadly, though, I am not alone in my quest to be hated by all children. Our dear friend Kaycee (pictured with Kaden below) really took the opportunity to tell Josh how she really felt a while ago. Conversation was as follows:
Josh: "Kaycee, do you like the fireworks?"
Kaycee: "Yeah. You're ugly"

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

Yes, the above photo is firework vomit.  No other place than Taylorsville Days puts on quite the display, the grand finale this year was quite powerful!  
I guess before I delve into my 4th of July weekend I have to report on the week before (Taylorsville Days).  Ever since Josh and I dated we've made it an event to go, and drag Jami along with us every year!  I love fireworks so, so much, and we had such a great time!  Here's a photo of our love triangle:
Moving on... I must've known what I was doing when I married Josh, since we both happen to share our favorite holiday -- the 4th!  There's not much I don't love about the 4th, one: it's in the summer, which is my favorite, two: you get the day off of work, which is also my favorite, and I love, love LOVE a good fireworks show!  Then there's that thing about it being the greatest country in the world's birthday and whatnot... 
This year we decided to really bring in the holiday with a BANG and spent the wee hours of the morning at the emergency room! I know, we really know how to party!  Poor Josh and his 65 year old insides, I hope that he will be able to get better soon and quit it with the whole internal bleeding bit...
That being said, as we got home from the hospital at about 5:30 a.m. and then had a brunch at his parent's home, we really slept away most of our 4th of July holiday.  And I'm not complaining one bit!  The rest of the weekend we were able to spend a lot of time with Josh's family, with his amazing sister Katie being in town, our niece Hadley being blessed, and Josh's mom's birthday.  Sunday brought yet another visit to the E.R. and really, at this point in our lives, I'm getting pretty used to it.  Here are some pictures from our [mostly] fun and always
 adventurous weekend!

The Lund kidlets.  I am aware that I look like I've gained 240 pounds in this picture, and I'll blame it on the camera lens, yet I am so self-assured that I posted it anyway.  I deserve a medal.  

Being so cute must be hard work.  Oh how I love her!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

We did it! We are now looking forward to being house-poor! I think this might make us semi-grown-ups. Yeah, that's scary.

I know, I know, our apartment was just so great, how could we ever leave these things:
1. Moldy, rotting bathroom ceiling. It's all the rage these days, I know you wish you had one.
2. 400 pound 4 year old living upstairs. At least that's how large he sounds when he jumps off furniture and runs around at 1 in the morning.
3. Kids target-practicing their golf swing with our bedroom window.
4. Neighbor that parks WAY too close to Josh's car every day.
5. 2 minutes of hot water.
Call us crazy, but we're thinking this owning thing might be an improvement!
And because I knew you were all wondering, YES we will be having plenty of parties. But you only get invited if you come help us paint our giant, 2 story wall! (Josh's neck is ALMOST tall enough to reach, but just not quite!)