Monday, July 09, 2012

what is wrong with my LEG?

Remember how I "run"? Yeah, I'm still doing that. I'm still love/hating it. 

My running buddy and friend - Whitney. She has seriously changed my life in more ways than just running. I love you, Whitney.

My new Garmin. I sometimes feel like I love it as much as a child. It's so wonderful and has changed my life as well.

Not peeing my pants when I run. It's a blessing that I thank the heavens above each time I finish a run.

My yellow shoelaces. They are good luck.

RUNNING IN THE HEAT! It is my personal hell. Children run and hide when they see my salty red face coming.

My toes. And they hate me back. I want them to be friends with running but they aren't. Ever had a nail driven through your toe? That's what it feels like when I run. And I know what that feels like since I once got a nail [and an entire board] stuck in my foot in high school.

On the 4th I did my first ever 10k -- in Riverton. It went along part of the course from the 1/2 I did in March. I really loved it. I loved the distance. But it was hot, and I had just had the flu for 2 days before. Also, I woke up at 6:47. I was supposed to leave to get to the race at 6:45. Whitney is part race car driver and we made it in time, for which I am grateful. Although I was in no means super speedy, I finished 3rd place in my age division! (58:11 -- like a 9:20 pace) Apparently everyone else was slow, too. (Like my boss says -- you don't have to outrun the bear, you just have to run faster than the person behind you.)

And if anyone can tell me what is wrong with my leg, that would be great.

(Actually, don't tell me. I know it is just my cellulite rippling along as I go. Gag.)


Whitney said...

You know what I love about that picture? The fact that we are wearing Nike from head to toe. I didn't notice until just now - and it makes me feel special.
And I love you. A lot.

Amanda said...

no worries, girl. i'm behind you- literally. anytime. on any run. a bear would fo sho get me first. you're insanely awesome to keep up with the running! (it's still not getting easier for me, and your attitude and determination sound so much cooler than my whining:)

S Soumphonephakdy said...

Great Job Becca!

Oh and Nike is the way to go especially if it's dri-fit. I love it!

Sara said...

You are a sexy rockstar!

Cami Jo said...

You go girl! I am so jealous that you enjoy running! I will have to give it another try one of these days ;)

The Holmgrens said...

Haven't looked at your blog in forever. Hilarious as ever. Your cellulite leg still looks better than my cellulite leg. Jus sayin