Tuesday, May 18, 2010

whoah -- 4 years!

Today I have been married to Josh for 4 long, happy,

(did i mention long ??)years!!!

{insert extremely sappy, gushing post about how wonderful being married to my one and only has been for the past 4 years}

And then after that mush part, I think I'm supposed to post a picture of us 4 years ago beginning our wedded bliss. Except, we were WAY better looking back then and I don't want people to see how marriage has aged us(mostly me)! Thanks a lot, Josh, I blame my haggard looks all on you! :)

So instead I'll just post a ridiculously cute picture of Weston. Because that's what everyone wants to see anyway.

Anyway, back to the whole anniversary bit -- 4 years, really? How did that happen? It seems like yesterday I was just meeting Josh, and trying to swoon him while in my drug-induced state from my tonsillectomy (it's good that shortly after, he became in a drug-induced state from shoulder surgery and I was able to claim him for my own before he knew any better) -- yes, if you want to know our humble beginnings, just ask sometime. That was a good summer.

And now we are, in the perfect marriage. I mean, really, perfect. I don't know how I got a husband who never leaves the toilet seat up, who never makes me cook a meal, who never leaves his beard shavings in the sink, and never, ever, EVER cuts one loose in front of me...

.... Okay so he does all of those things.

But I love him and don't mind any of that stuff. That's marriage, right? And now with 4 years under my belt, I've become quite the expert. With that said, this is

what I've learned from being married to Josh:

* all it takes to keep Josh happy is some kool-aid in the fridge and some gummy worms in the candy jar. (seriously, why was I wasting years trying to make him happy in other ways? things have been so much simpler since i figured this one out)

* It's not about winning an argument. It's about making him think he's won. And that, my friends, is victory.

* Christmas morning is not Christmas morning without Yogi Bear's first Christmas. Every year. For the rest of my life. (I think next year I will have it memorized)

* Save the drama for your mama. So, you're bleeding out of your eye/having a seizure/just broke your arm/are writhing in pain from kidney stones? No biggie. I won't freak out. We'll go to the hospital after I stop at McDonald's for a hot fudge sundae.

* So I want to watch TV? I have five choices: The A-Team, Pardon the Interruption, Scooby Doo, auto auctions, or the news.

* Fake tears do not work on Josh. Neither do real tears, actually. The best way to break through his hard outer shell into the soft gooey center is to entice him with:

a. bbq pork, b. pillsbury crescent rolls, or c. a trip to the beach.

* Which brings me here: a vacation is not a vacation if a beach is not involved. And that brings me to the next lesson:

* do NOT come between a man and his ocean. I have come to accept that i come second next to the beach. And that is OK.

* He needs a new shirt? Can't decide which one? Oh, wait, get the blue one.

* Need to get his attention? Show up with a large orange hi-c from McDonalds and he's all yours.

I give myself 1, maybe 2 more years until we reach utter perfection.


JO said...

you are so witty Becca. I love reading your posts. My posts are nothing but boring and mundane, but without a doubt, yours always make me laugh and wishing I was more like Becca! Happy Anniversary

Miss Heather said...

So I think Josh and Michael are related... because keeping Kool-Aid and gummy worms readily available are all he needs too!!!

But when Michael can't decide about what shirt to wear, it's "Grab the Black One" at our house... :)

Whitney said...

This is so totally special. I'm glad that you have him all figured out.

Kristen Archer said...

Your posts make me miss you so so much! A lot of those things sound like Dave too. Must be a "good guy" thing.

Sara said...

Ha ha ha! Oh how I love you...and your blog posts!
And I have to admit, that's the only reason why I will even consider going to McDonalds is for a huge orange Hi-C! YUM!

Dave and Melissa Geddes said...

Ha ha! LOVE this! I haven't been on blogger in awhile, so it's been fun reading through your posts! Weston is simply BEAUTIFUL!

Mandy said...

I want to eat your baby he is so cute!

Evelyn said...

You forgot to add that he is one hulking piece of pimp juice.