Monday, June 07, 2010

Hey Mom! I wanna steak!!!

Last week Weston's first installment to his million-dollar smile made its appearance. What a cute little bugger!!! He'll be eating prime rib in no time.

My sister, Carrie, has moved in with us for the summer. I'm so happy!!! I feel like I have octopus arms now, and can actually get things done! Who knew I could sit on the couch and have dinner get cooked at the same time! Oops, I think I just admitted I am lazy and sit on the couch while I order my younger sister around the kitchen....
Also among our accomplishments this last week -- Josh passed a monster of a kidney stone (which he named Young Obama, because, in Josh's words, it "causes pain and anguish"). However, I don't have a picture of that nasty thing. You're welcome. Weston's tooth is just so much cuter.

Sadly, I have no noteworthy accomplishments of my own. I live vicariously through my boys.


mike|amanda|elle said...

shutup! elle's getting that same tooth this week. she's not so willing to show it off, however:)

p.s. - can you please post more often? you make me laugh hysterically!

Whitney said...

Good heavens, he's such a cutie. Let's set up an arranged marriage for our kids, okay?

Jaci said...

You are so funny Becca! I love your sense of humor! Now stop being so modest! you rule the school with your many many talents. Please pass me an ounce of your musical beauty and I'd be thrilled.
Steaks sound good! Way to go Buddy!

TW said...

If passing a kidney stone is an accomplishment, I think you should continue living on through the two others. And I love the Obama reference.