Monday, May 10, 2010

My "Mommy's Day"

What a weird thing to be a mommy! To think, last year on Mother's day we told Josh's family we were going to have a baby! And now, here we are, with our 6 month old little "Toa". Love him.

My VERY FIRST MOTHER'S DAY EVER was not the hype I had it planned out to be in my head, (you know, endless pampering, breakfast in bed, Josh suddenly getting over his fear of feet and giving me a heavenly foot massage as I eat strawberries...) as I went up to Thatcher to spend mom's day with my mom and he stayed home. :( BUT when I came home, Josh had some surprises for me. My favorite was my gift card to the buckle:
Don't judge the awful picture taken with my cell phone. If you squint or go cross-eyed it makes it easier to read. But if you are afraid of getting your eyes stuck like that, I have transcribed it below:

"Dear Mommy. I love you Thank you for changing my poopies and feeding me.
Please don't buy 'mom jeans'. Get something nice.
Love Weston"

(Yes, that is Josh's real handwriting. I Love him.)


mike|amanda|elle said...

What's up with these boys? Mike told me I needed new jeans for my butt... Whatever dude.

Happy mamas day to you!! Hey, a day in thatcher? What could be better;)

Kristen Archer said...

Ha ha, yes please don't buy mom jeans! :) Love it.

Whitney said...

Ha ha ha - cute. Don't ever buy "mom" jeans.

Morgan said...

HOW CUTE.. I thought Josh was trying to make it look like Weston wrote it :-)