Sunday, April 25, 2010

"We're going to try this new thing called jogging.
Or maybe it's 'yogging'. It could be a silent 'j'."...

I have been in a blogging SLUMP lately! So, after many whines and complaints -- mostly from myself -- I am BACK! But I have soooo much to write about -- josh's broken arm, my fabulous trip to Ohio to meet my niece, Weston, of course, my adventures as a democratic delegate (yeah, you heard right...) and the list goes on! so instead of writing about ANY of that, I will just show you a picture, and then tell you some of the things I think about during the day...
Does this not crack you up or what! bah ha ha -- I may be a bad mother for torturing my son like this and then laughing at him... Anyway, here are some thoughts:

-- My butt called -- it told me that I need to take up running (yogging?) once again. But I really hate it. I am not a runner -- my face doesn't sweat really well so instead it turns beet red when I work out/run/exert more energy than walking up a flight of stairs. Then people think I am maybe having a heart attack and that is embarrassing.

-- I had a dream a while ago that Kona ate through her skin and died. Man, her food allergies annoy me. (she keeps me up at night with her scratching and now it is haunting my dreams!!!) It really traumatized me!!!

-- Josh's brain spots also annoy me. Most particularly the migraines that they cause. Stupid spots.

-- My favorite thing right now is Weston's pj's that are just a shirt and pants/shorts. I LOVE when his little belly hangs out and I get to blow raspberries on it!

-- I have an uncontrollable addiction to almond joys right now! I must be stopped!!!

-- Dear Weston -- will you grow dark curly locks already?

-- Man, i look hot in my new leather jacket. Sizzle. I probably should buy a motorcycle now to complete the outfit.

-- Weston's new 'vocabulary' of sounds: dadada, gagaga, hi (whispered), and blah blah blah. that one is my favorite. If only he knew what he was saying.

-- He also has developed a banshee screech. Seriously, kid? Ouch, my eardrums are bleeding!!!!

Well, that is all for now. Miss you all!!!


mike|amanda|elle said...

Hooray!! Welcome back. You crack me up! At least you jog. When I run, my body thinks I'm dying (literally)- my heart thinks someone with a deadly weapon is chasing me... and I nearly pass out from exhaustion/fear. I think I have almost screamed a few times. Talk about embarassing.

Love that picture by the way! Where have our little, tiny babes gone!??!

Dani said...

I've missed your wit! Blog-tastic! Love you, girl.

Whitney said...

Yay for an update! Running isn't so bad. My face was red for the first month or so... but then I got in better shape and it went away.

Nick said...

Oh, that mask is the best. How did Josh break his arm? Brain spots? Man, the guy can't catch a break. I need to call soon. Its been wayyyyy too long. God bless you Lund family.

Steve and Jaylene said...

We are glad you came to visit us! Send good "yogging" thoughts our way too - we're trying so hard to be good.

Sara said...

It's about time you blogged again, I've missed your humor! I wish you lived closer, we could "yog" together, it would included, running 4blocks (enough to make a full circle back home) and then eating a package of oreos! Its the best exercise regimine ever! :)

Whitney said...

I agree - Bella is a loser and no girl should ever idolize her. Katniss is the best!