Thursday, February 25, 2010

our first child


Today is Kona's (made up) 2nd Birthday. For her birthday, we are going to let her sleep on our bed, eat at least 2 pairs of my shoes, steal our dinner off the table, and lick Weston's head.
Wait, she does that every day anyway...
Those of you who haven't met our (insane) dog are missing out! These are just some of the tricks she knows:

She works on the laptop




And if you haven't seen her play catch through the stair railing, you are really missing out. This is her making a basket in the sconce. 2 points!

Before Weston was born, she helped us prepare for a child in the following ways:

*waking us up multpile times at night
*whining/crying. It's nothing new to us.
*cleaning up puke (she has a binge/purge problem)
*not being able to go places at night for the inability to find a sitter
*getting used to not doing what we want to do, but what she wants to do
*cleaning up after her. Seriously, you should see how quickly she can destroy a tennis ball.

Even through all of her craziness, she is still part of our family; and not to mention she adores Weston:


(she gets mad at me if I let him cry for too long, she cleans up his spitup -- i know, gross, right??? -- she gets sooo excited when he comes home from daycare)
It will be fun when they're best buds growing up!!!

Also, maybe one day she'll calm down!!!

(and also maybe one day I'll clip her nails... I'm a bad mom)


Whitney said...

Oh Kona... how I love you.

Matt, Nat & Hallie said...

How funny what a cute post

Cami Jo said...

Caleb was telling me that when he came to your door the other night that he was all nervous that it was the right house because if it wasn't the dog was going to eat him! hah..Kona is such a cute dog and I loved reading this post! It reminds me of that movie, now I can't think of the name...but it has Jennifer Aniston in it =) Happy birthday Kona!

Sara said...

What a cute post! And you pretend like you don't like your dog...! I had to laugh when you said that Kona cleans up Weston's spitup, just wait for when she cleans up his snotty nose. You'll leave the room to grab a tissue and come back to a clean faced kid and a dog trying to act innocent. Gross..but slightly convenient! :) Great pictures by the way!