Thursday, June 04, 2009

Good News Thursday

Today is Good News Thursday! Hopefully good things continue to happen through the weekend and my second wedding shoot EVER will go well on Saturday (it is impressive I still have hair and nails, I have been stressing out so much!!!)

In honor of good news thursday, I am posting this little guy: have you ever seen someone more fit to bring happiness an cheer? What a stud!!!



Roy and Angie Smith said...

Good News Thursday. I survived my first year of teaching. Today was the last day and all my students were crying beause they were going to miss me so much. I guess I really made a difference in their lives!!! Good Luck on Saturday!

Jaci said...

Becca! this little guy is so cute! You did a great job! I bet his Mama is so happy! :)

Chris and Leslie said...

What a cute little boy. Happy late birthday and congrats too! When are you due?

Sarah said...

Is that a little Brenchley boy?