Thursday, June 18, 2009


I can't think of any clever and witty way (gasp!!!) to tell you that we are having a manly MAN!!! (that's right, he will skip right past the cute cuddly little boy stage) This was the FIRST time I have seen Josh show some excitement towards our child! He actually did a little victory fist pump in the ultrasound room! At that point I was embarrassed and told the doctor that I had actually just paid some guy off the street to come in and pretend to be a supportive husband, but clearly it wasn't working out and I needed to get someone a little less awkward. (Nah, that didn't happen. I love my Joshie.)

Also, it is a given: my boy will beat up Evelyn's boy (we saw his bulging muscles as he was training to be Rocky VII in the womb), as long as Ev's boy doesn't eat our boy first. :-) Josh has made it clear that now we know he is a boy, he WILL be left handed and he WILL be an all-star golfer/pitcher/quarterback, as well as a child star (watch out Gerber baby, Mister Lund is coming!!!) and within 5 years we will be riding the GRAVY TRAIN! I am okay with that.

I have now created quite the checklist (I LOOOVE my checklists) of things to accomplish in the next 4 months, top of the list, a NAME!!! We have an excellent last name and the possibilities of creating a rockstar name are endless. Here are our top choices:


** Leland Lee Lund (this one is a clear favorite)
** Finn Lund
** Scott Lund
** Ty Lund
** Nolan Lund
** Dillon Lund
** Cleveland Lund

Yes, our boy will get all the ladies.

and a p.s. down here -- if you haven't figured out that I am JOKING I am sorry. No, we would not name our boy any of the above. Even with his bulging biceps he would get beat up on the playground. We are funny.


Whitney said...

Dang! I was really hoping for Finn Lund! You guys are so funny! I'm so excited for you! If you need me to make you food, because your husband is lazy... just let me know! :)

Laura said...

Yay!! Congratulations, what a lucky little BOY!!

Seth and Brittney said...

Cleveland does sound pretty muscle-y. ha ha. Have you scanned in the ultrasound pics yet? I want to see this handsome boy!

Sarah said...

Boys are so fun! I'm sure girls are too, but I've not lived that kind of fun. So happy for you!

*C said...

You are hilarious!! I guess if you were having a girl then Grace Lund would be out too?!! Unless you're a big enough Elvis fan!! haha :) . . . But Congrats!! That so fun that you and Ev will both be having boys so close together!! I'm sure they both with be so CUTE!!

Evelyn said...

Whatever. My baby will smear your baby with poo and yours will rub his eyes with his manicured hands.
I thought of two more for your list:
Disney Lund
Lou Lund. Or Lou Lee Lund. Giggle.

Jazzy said...

Congratulations! You are going to be a great mom!

kurtandvickysleemanfam said...

well,i guess if eve's baby smears yours with poo, you could always nickname him "green lund"! hahah this is too much fun, i may snort with laughter.oops. i actually liked dillon lund,sounds kinda distinguished. you are a riot! you're gonna love a little boy! congrats- to both of you. (loved the fist pump comment, isn't that just like a man. haha)

kurtandvickysleemanfam said...

hey, he could be a rapper- you know the next eminem, only ice, ice lund, hahahah. sorry, this is just too much fun!!

Kristen Archer said...

I love the name Leland Lee Lund. I don't know if you are going to have a poll of support for names, but if you end up having one, that's my favorite. Dave likes Cleveland. I'm sure you understand why. :)

Mandy said...

Woo Hoooo! Boys are so much fun. By the way, Thanks for the disc of pictures!

Candice said...

You crack me up!! i can't decide what name i like the best...Adam thinks it should just be Cleve.

Julie said...

I agree with just Cleve Lund. You know what they say: Cleve Lund Rocks!! It's true- I've been there. I'm glad Josh finally showed some excitement and that you won't put any pressure on your child to be perfect... That was quite the list. Oh, Can I give baby Cleve it's first haircut??

Dani said...

you. are. a. riot. LOVE YOU!!!

Cami Jo said...

You are hilerious! I can't wait until baby comes =)