Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I've been tagged by a few people to do this and today I just feel like talking about Josh! Also, I am sad for him today, as while he is in charge of security at SLCC, he just so happened to get robbed there. Ironic? Maybe. Will he track down the guy and kill him over $52? Probably.


1. Who is your man? Joshua B

2. How long have you been married? After the first year is over, I think all the sudden it just feels like 80 years or so... At least that's what I think.

3. How long dated? A year

4. How old is your man? Outside, 26. Inside, probably 65.

5. Who eats more? How else would Josh keep his girlish figure if he actually ate? I eat for both of us, as well as our neighbors, our unborn children....

6. Who said "I love you" first? Actually, we've never said it to each other. Okay lie. He said it first, and he was gushing about it, too. How embarassing for him.

7. Who is taller? Josh is taller than me in his neck alone.

8. Who sings better? It's tough to tell when Josh gets his opera on during "happy birthday".

9. Who is smarter? Definitely Josh. He is a walking encyclopedia. Seriously, he knows everything. Go ahead, ask him.

10. Who's temper is worse? Mine, Josh doesn't have a temper. Unfortunately, when my temper rages, it does no good since he is bigger and can take me down anyway.

11. Who does the laundry? It's a collective effort, usually ending up in Josh finishing, or at least that's what I'll say so I can blame him on the missing socks.

12. Who does the dishes? Whoever doesn't cook. But since we both don't cook, I let it rest on Josh's shoulders. After all, I'm too busy playing mario kart to do the dishes, and he knows that.

13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Josh staked his territory the first night we were married and I'm pretty upset about it. So I try to sneak over there before he comes to bed, but then he just pushes me off. Darnit.

14. Who pays the bills? I usually write the checks, although Josh is the one who incurs them! Dang hospital bills!

15. Who has bigger feet? Josh's toes are bigger than my entire feet, probably. Which he says is genetic -- all those islanders have to have long toes for walking on the beach.

16. Who has longer hair? Me!

17. Who is better with the computer? Josh types with three fingers. That's all.

18. Who mows the lawn? Boo for not having a lawn! For sure we'd fight over it!

19. Who cooks dinner? Malt O' Meal. That's right, we're having chocolate marshmallow mateys for dinner tonight!

20. Who drives when you are together? Josh drives at night, I get too paranoid, even though he hates driving my car, since it feels like a hover craft. And also, he won't let me drive his car. Ever.

21. Who pays when you go out? We usually tell the waiter that the table next to us agreed to pick up our check and then we RUN out of there! Nah, I pay, my debit card is prettier and I like to show it off!

22. Who is most stubborn? Our donkey.

23. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Josh has never been wrong once in our marriage, true story. I've really got to work on my arguments.

24. Whose parents do you see the most? It's a toss-up, but probably his, as they live just right here.

25. Who kissed who first? After Josh gave some corny line about my eyes being so beautiful, he kissed me. I can't believe I let his line work! Man, I was a sucker...

26. Who asked who out? I tricked him in to asking me out. He felt bad for me, I was drugged!

27. Who proposed? My dad probably convinced Josh to propose to me. They love him more than me.

28. Who is more sensitive? Josh only cried when his dog Fozzie died. That was it, ever. I cried when I dropped the remote and was too tired to pick it up.

29. Who has more friends? Even for having social anxiety, Josh still manages to be loved by everyone. No fair.

30. Who has more siblings? ME!!! And I love them!


Angela, Grady & Boys said...

That was fun to read! Thanks for sharing! You guys are cute! Oh, and we missed you at the baby blessing! Hope you are feeling better!

M & M Brenchley family said...

I loved reading this!! I wish we had a donkey!

Jaci said...

fun learning more about you two! to answer your question... I use Photoshop Elements 5.0 for the scrapping stuff. I love it, and totally reccomend it. :)

Julie said...

Becca, you are too stinkin' funny!!! Do you let Josh read this stuff?

-Dani said...

Becca!!! You are probably the funniest person I know. Honestly, you should be a political commentator - um, SERIOUSLY. Or just create your own I can get my daily dose of Becca Humor, which you really could market! I love you!

camilleandgregsorensen said...

I'm going to take a wild guess here- but you dressed Josh right?

Kristen Archer said...

You are crazy. I love you! You and Josh are both totally insane... it works!

Miss Heather said...

My cutest sister!! I don't know what happened to your myspace but I miss you!! I just started a blog for me and Michael. so check it out. I MISS YOU!!

Peggy said...

Becca! You blogger, you! I'm adding myself to your list of blog-stalkers. Now you have three!!