Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Happy Birthday To....

Apparently I'm a nerd and I can't stop theming my posts! This one is my birthday post! I first wanted to thank all my wonderful friends and family who wished me a happy birthday on the 22nd! It was a great day, and unlike last year, I was lucky to not spend it in the hospital!!! That's how much Josh loves me! Unfortunately I told Josh what I wanted to do for my birthday was go see Indiana Jones, and man was that stupid. So I guess it's my own fault for getting a stupid birthday wish. My favorite present, though, was that Josh actually let me take a picture of us! Enjoy. This is me at 24, don't look closely, I'm sure I'm getting wrinkles and saggy skin.

Next, we were ever so lucky to get invited by Seth and Brittney to go down and celebrate Brittney's big 2-3 on Monday (June 2nd)! We had a great time and really enjoyed the "Roberts" version of Happy Birthday. We fit right in, I think!

And it's true, I saved the best for last. I'm going to say this in big words hoping it can somehow convey my excitement in this statement:

I'm an AUNT!!!!

That font just wasn't big enough... "Largest?" Bah, I don't believe it.

I've been waiting probably 80 years for this moment to happen, and I didn't imagine it would be so wonderful! Jayson (Josh's brother) and Heather gave birth to a healthy, BEAUTIFUL baby girl, Hadley, on Monday (again the 2nd, she must've known it was a good day for birthdays!) and I can't even express how much I love her already! I know that is so corny! I am sure I'm the favorite aunt, after all, she did make a squeaky noise when I held her! Monday was just full of little miracles. One I'm glad I witnessed: Josh actually likes Hadley AND he wanted to hold her AND he didn't drop her! He deserves a medal, or maybe a trophy. Here is a picture of our beautiful niece -- I'll upload a few more maybe tomorrow. I can't wait to go visit her again!


SMILES2ALL said...

Hi Becca you probley don't remember me we went to high school together. I just was blog hopping and found your blog and wanted to tell you happy late birthday. Lindsee (Barnes) Haney

M & M Brenchley family said...

Happy Birthday Becca! Your niece is so sweet. By the way, you still look 18!

Evelyn said...

Um... yeah, definitely cover up for your next picture with all your old wrinkles. And wear a scarf. (Just stop being cute)

And the other thing.... she is the cutest niece ever... I'm glad Josh didn't baby-kill. So proud.
When are you going to make ME the very best aunt ever??

Julie said...

Oh Crap!!! I just wrote a happy birthday note on Ev's blog so that I am not late. Wow I am lame! Happy late birthday!! I can't believe Josh let you take a picture of him. You two are so cute together!

I am coming in 2 weeks. Will you have time to hang out with me even though I am a lame-o?

Kristen Archer said...

You are so so cute. You have no wrinkles and I think you might just be stuck in time. So not fair, maybe you should get wrinkles... hmmm... I love you. Happy Birthday again!