Monday, October 15, 2007

Oh Krissy, I've never been tagged before to do anything, so this is very exciting! In all of my 23 years, I am not sure that much has changed, (josh says I still act 5) but we'll see.

1. When I was younger my mom made a lot of our clothes, so they weren't anything fancy. But I do remember that in 3rd grade I had some sweet stirrup pants - you'd wear like three pair of socks scrunched over the top. It was awesome. I also wore a lot of Ev's clothes, she always had cuter stuff than me!

2. I own too many things from Express! I find myself realizing that my work pants are actually more comfortable than jeans, so I don't have very many jeans anymore! I have a weakness for shirts that I can wear to work, and I am lucky that Josh has allowed me a budget of buying one per month. It is excellent.

3. Back in the day I LOVED power rangers! Jen Robertson and I would watch it together pretty much every day.

4. Now... gosh I feel like all we do is watch TV! I have to say my favorite is probably Heroes. I even dream about it, maybe it's because I wish I was part super hero.

5. When I was younger, my favorite music was anything on Q99 - best radio station ever! I remember when Jaylene and I cried when all of hte sudden one morning it was gone! I developed my love for Smashing Pumpkins at an early age, and alwasy had fun listening to Ev's MC Hammer tape!

6. Now I still love my Smashing Pumpkins best of CD, it will probably be my favorite ever! I guess it depends on the day and my mood what kind of music I listen to. Butch Walker is always a favorite, though.

7. When I was younger, my favorite food was strawberries. My daddy even planted my own strawberry patch out back just for me! (Okay, so I shared...)

8. NOW I still love fruit, but especially raspberries! I also crave chicken paninis from the Atlantic Cafe by my office, they are delicious!

9. When I was little, I was afraid of being kidnapped, my parents dying, spiders and falling off a cliff.

10. Now I am afraid of our upstairs neighbors, (I swear they've killed before... but that's another story) getting wrinkles, still spiders.

EV you should do this, I want to hear what you have to say!


the Archers said...

Oh how funny. I love the stretch pant look! :) Ha ha! I do this to Maddie now, but not so much with the socks. I used to put one color underneath, so that when you went to fold your socks, the other color would peek over the top. Such a hit...!!! :) Ha ha. How funny.

Evelyn Heaton said...

Ha ha, you made a funny! I completely forgot about Power Rangers.. you are AWESOME, and you got it from me!

JO said...

How funny! I loved reading and learning more about you. I have to agree with you on the wrinkles. I am pretty terrified of that myself...and oh how I love express, unfortunately we don't have one here. Even when I was in Utah I hadn't shopped there since highschool because I never seemed to have any money. It must be nice to have them so close to where you are.