Thursday, October 18, 2007


Josh and I FINALLY got away on a vacation! For his fall break we decided to take off to California with our friends Jake and Michelle.

We had a fantastic time, we spent most of our time at the beach, soaking in the rays. I was once again reminded of my husband's luck in having polynesian genes and how the sun loves him... and how the sun hates me and my fair skin. What's the deal? Josh has never even heard of a sunburn!

After hanging around in Newport for a few days, we decided to go Disneyland. I have decided that Josh is agoraphobic (he doesn't do too well with crowds!) so he didn't have a lot of fun at Disneyland. I, on the other hand, was so excited for my favorite ride, the Buzz Lightyear shooty thing. It was really busy the day we went, so we didn't get to do much, but I at least had a really good time.

I thought the whole trip was perfect and we have decided that we're going to go to the beach at least once a year from now on! Maybe next time you can join us on our new tradition.


*C said...

Fun pics. I love them. I'm glad you got to go on a little vaca. It looks like you had a blast. I'm totally jealous. I love the beach!!

the Archers said...

I'm going to take this as a personal invite for us to come with you to the beach. I hope you don't mind! :) That looked so much fun! I love California and the beach. SOOO JEALOUS!

JO said...

Don't you just love the beach? Although the beach here is a little different. Most of the girls just watch it while the boys battle the cold water, in fact I usually wear pants and a jacket to the beach. Call me a wimp but I know I will never get in so I'd rather be comfortable than freezing. It is usually windy at the beach even when the sun is out which makes it so cold! The pacific ocean is far warmer than atlantic ocean!

LUJU said...

So fun! You are a babe!