Saturday, September 15, 2007


So I've decided I'm a little bit sad today that Summer is pretty much all over! Summer is Josh's and my favorite time of year, and somehow every year it seems to go by even quicker! We always say we are going to do a million things each summer, but then when it comes, we are always way too busy. It also doesn't help that Josh is an accident waiting to happen, so somehow every summer we spend time in the hospital together... bonding moments for sure...

My favorite parts of summer this year were:

1. Sara and Brady's new addition, Hayden Atkinson. He already loves me (well, okay, who wouldn't...) He's probably about as close to my own kid I'll ever get and I'm going to spoil him rotten!!! (Really I'm sure we'll have kids one day... in a long, long time...)

2. Our wakeboarding trip - we only got to go once this year, but Josh did great, and I got to show off a nice faceplant on video. I know, I know, I've got mad skills. Feel free to make fun. But only after you commend me for (sort of) getting some air!

3. Not having to wear shoes! Since Josh's polynesian genes somehow make him wear flip flops 10 out of 12 months a year, I am always happy when summer comes and I get to quit wearing socks (and shoes when I'm home, for that matter). I remember when I was little I used to run around without shoes ALL THE TIME, I could've walked on hot coals, nails, bees, you name it. I had sacagawea feet. Don't worry, I don't have a picture of my feet. Even though my toenails are darn cute.

4. Baseball games - One of our first dates was a Bees game (that is quite the story in itself) so I like to think that we go alot to reminisce about how we fell in love or something... but somehow baseball games are so much fun - sitting out on the grass, only paying attention to the game when you want to, the firework shows after the game... oh, it's all worth it.

5. All of the Weddings! I've had so many of my friends get married this summer, and it's been so much fun! It's always a good excuse for us girls to get togher and act like we're still in high school. I love all of my guys' wives, they are fantastic! Hooray for more friends! This picture is from Steve and Kristi's wedding, sadly the only one I had my camera attached to me. Sorry, Seth and Brett, I guess you're just not as cool!


Evelyn Heaton said...

I have very good comments for you.
One - you will have sixteen babies. Josh is still in denial but he will yet go crazy.
Two - you really do have stinky feet so keep them in the socks from now on.
Three - how in the heck has Josh not been hit in the head with a stray baseball at those games?
Four - You are a water weenie.
Five - I wish I was you. With all those friends and your toenails.
Love ya!

becca and curtis said...

Hayden gets on the list and Sam doesn't. He's offended. Just kidding. Your list is fun!

J & A said...

So fun that you found my blog Becca! I hope it's okay if I add you to my friends list. Then we can continue our crazy Spanish friendship. You and your husband are so cute.

*C said...

Boo! I'm sad summer's over too! . . . I have a video like yours too, only I never stayed up for more than two seconds (it was my first time wakeboarding)! But I gotta say you got mad crazy skills up until that faceplant. Ha ha. Love it :)

Dave & Aubree said...

Hey Becca! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog... it was so good to hear from you. It looks like things are going great for you. Your blog is so cute. I miss the good ole days of 4H... :) Keep in touch!

the Archers said...

I'm so upset I didn't know that you had a stinking blog! I had to find out from Jaci's page!!! You suck! :) Just kidding, you know that I marf you like no one else could!