Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Few Things

A Few Things About Running:

1. - I ran the Top of Utah Half Marathon on Saturday. Personal best of 2:00:14. (REALLY? I should have been able to shave off those 14 seconds. Fail.)
2. - I make awesome faces when i run. 

3. - I also make awesome hand actions as I run. Right now I was trying to get everyone to quit it with the standing ovation they were giving me and everything.  

4. - My legs still look weird . Maybe I should just wear pants from now on. Sheesh.

5. Yes, I stole this photo. 

Want more proof of my awesome faces? Here.

Sometimes Weston wakes up in the night with nightmares. I imagine he is dreaming of something less terrifying than this face. 

My awesome friend Sara (next to me in pink -- if you didn't already know who she is) was my life coach on this race. I can't wait to run another one with her!


Whitney said...

If I don't get under 2:00:00 next Saturday, I'm never running with you again. Seriously.

The Holmgrens said...

I should join forces with you two someday. Someday.

Sara said...

I'm so glad you specified who I was, just in case someone mistakened me for that large burly man on the other side of you. P.s. You did amazing and your legs are sexy! :)

DGri said...

I love you two! 2hours is a-may-za-zing!!! yay!!!