Saturday, November 14, 2009

Being a mom means I now get to brag about how cute my child is all of the time, right? Because he is really cute. And by really, I mean like so cute he makes me cry when I think about how cute he is.

Actually, I cry at everything now. What the heck???


Here are some of the sad, frustrating, funny, surprising, and semi-interesting things that we have discovered in the past 2 weeks (he really is that old already? Wow...)

-- Weston has back hair. I fear he is part wolf. I knew he would be a manly man -- I mean, he has sideburns too -- but really? Back hair? If this stuff doesn't fall out soon I'm taking him to the spa to get a nice wax job.

-- Weston, as cute as he is, is sometimes a horrible baby. Yes, I said it. I love him, BUT he screams all but about 5 minutes that he is awake, he poos way too much, won't burp after he eats and will only sleep if someone is holding him. I'm hoping these dark circles under my eyes are not permanent. He also refuses to eat like a normal baby. He HATES my boobs. It made me feel like a huge failure as a mother at first, and still does most days, but I guess I'm getting used to the pump...

-- Josh is the most amazing dad! Take that, all you non-believers!!! He hasn't even tried to slip any nyquil in his bottle yet! :) I laugh daily at Josh's fathering skills, and seriously can't imagine a better daddy. Josh takes care of late-night feedings and I am able to get more sleep. Oh that man has a spot in the celestial kingdom just for that!
The day after Weston was born, the nurse asked Josh to change his first diaper. I laughed so hard I probably peed the bed as Josh put on the rubber gloves to handle his son. Josh has figured out which side of the diaper goes in front now, and it only takes him about 30 minutes to change a diaper. It's an improvement.
During one of Weston's late night crying-just-to-annoy-us fits, Josh was holding him and singing 'twinkle twinkle little star' to Weston. Only, he changed the words -- "twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are... you eat all day, you poop all night, your diapers give me quite the fright..." He also hums the circus-theme song on a regular basis, don't ask me why. Where did I find this guy? He is the best ever.

-- Kona is absolutely amazing with Weston! She just wants to sniff him all day long, but has not tried to eat him yet. She has eaten about 8 of his binkies though, which is a huge tragedy as those are our lifeline in the hours Weston is awake.

--um, what is up with my child-bearing hips? I guess, since my feet are now normal-sized (hooray!), at least one of my chins has disappeared and I can lay on my stomach, my body had to give me something to cry about! Waaah the giant hips! Go away!!!

--Who knew it would take so long to take care of a baby every day? I am always surprised when I look at the clock in the morning after I feed him, change his diaper about 8 times, make him listen to michael buble so he will stop crying, and learn that it's actually not morning, but 1 in the afternoon and I haven't showered yet. Oops.

-- Maybe it's the part-wolf, but Weston is seriously very advanced for his age. I'm telling you he smiles -- it's not gas, and it's super cute! (he has dimples!!! ah my life is so great!!!) and he also crawls if you put him on his stomach, true story! Well maybe not so much as a crawl as a slither clear across the changing table, but still, it's amazing.

--do all babies have a turtle-ish neck? It is crazy wrinkly and weird. But I still like it.

-- I love watching Weston right before he wakes up. He starts moving his arms and legs like he is doing the back stroke and will do that for about 20 minutes before he decides it is time to cry for 2 hours.

I alway naively thought I'd be a semi-good mother, and am learning that I am a crappy mom! This is hard! Good thing he has at least one sane parent to hold it together. Hopefully over the next few weeks I'll be able to figure this kid out a little more. but yeah, back to the whole point -- he is really, really, REALLY cute.


JO said...

he is soooooo cute! I want one! Becca, i think everyone feels bad at motherhood in the beginning. It is tricky with the sleep deprivation and hormones! But hand in there, I am sure you are doing a fantastic job and before you know it everything will be as easy as pie! So happy for you!

Kristen Archer said...

That's what makes you keep them, is how cute they are! I love to read about all his adorable things he does. I can't wait to meet him! (I'm sure you're a fab. mom, by the way!)

Allie said...

You seriously crack me up and this post is just the hard core truth. We all feel that way and I agreaa. Hormones, sleep deprivation and crying can make for a rought first few weeks. No gets better! ;) Hang in there and you know one of my VT duties can be to "hold crying children" you should call me. I would love that job. I miss babies but after my monster of a 2 year old I am soooo not ready to get another one of my own! me if you need anything. Maybe just a treat to get ya through the crying (Weston's and your own!)

Whitney said...

I love that he listens to Michael Buble to sleep. He is so cute! Congrats on making such a cute little wolf-man!

Jaci said...

I love this post. You are such a fun writer. You make me laugh and I can totally relate to you.
I love, love, love that pic of Weston. It tells a story.
Hang in there, put ear plugs in, and let Josh listen for W while you SLEEP! :)

Dave and Melissa Geddes said...

Becca--i had to keep reminding myself "babies just cry, that's what they do!" I thought I was a terrible mother at first too. People will say that it's just colic, but my doc told me it is usually reflux, or a dairy intolerance and my baby had both. I got Zantac for reflux and went of dairy and he became a completely different baby. i started getting sleep and he was happy. Just a couple things to look into. Crazy hormones and no sleep can really make you not feel quite yourself. Oh, and don't look at yourself in the mirror naked for at least a year! And he is beautiful!

Mandy said...

He is so cute! It is so hard to be a new mom! It will get easier, I promise!

Evelyn said...

Ha ha.
Two words: back fat. :) (me, of course). I hope you're not crying.

Sara said...

He is cute! And you are a good mom...and the fact that you are being brutally honest makes you an even better mom! I am so excited to meet this cute little guy and see his crawling skills!! :)

Laurel said...

I love this post. I have a wolf baby, too. Hairy back, legs, arms, and EARS. Yeah, you heard me, I said ears. And call me and we'll whine about our bodies together.

Fromm's said...