Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We're still here...

Here's an update on us:

Kona, besides being half satan, is half genius. Not only does she know how to get ice out of the fridge dispenser, she can now also open drawers and cupboards and eat anything inside, whether it's edible or not. Who knew I'd have to baby-proof my house for a DOG.

Josh is heading back to work full time tomorrow! Huzzah! (because we are pirates, we say words like that) He is still not sleeping and keeps calling me Maria, but he lied through his teeth to the doc so he could stop spending so much time with Satan-Genius.

Josh also won an award for having the WORST LUCK EVER this week. A big hats off to that.

I have been able to see some of my dearest friends lately -- oh how happy you all made me on Friday! :) This week is also filled with more dear friend reunions. I am so excited!

We finally got a real gym membership -- no more mooching off SLCC for me! Sadly, I am already panting by the time I walk up 0ne flight of stairs to get to the treadmills. Don't judge!

My new camera comes in the mail today! This is probably more exciting than a baby.

And also, check out my sister Ev's blog! She is making my life even more complete! LOVE YOU EV!

And lastly, I found this video today that someone sent me years ago. It is funny, and I wanted everyone else to enjoy.


Jocelyn said...

Sweet, what camera did you get? I ordered a new one 2 months ago but the palce I ordered it from has been backordered. Frustrating!

Dani said...

Reunions are the B-E-S-T! Glad Josh's up and running again :). Good luck with satan! ;)

Steve said...

I absolutely loved the video. It's fantastic.