Monday, October 27, 2008

"Girls Never Listen"

I love spending time with my two favorite kids. Last Sunday we had a birthday dinner for both Heather and Josh at the in-laws home, and Kaden and Kaysee were having a great time playing with Kona. I, in my camera prowess, was able to catch this shot:

The dialogue that goes with this photo was as follows:

Kaysee: Hmmm, let me think. I think Kona wants to play with the fish in the pond.

Kaden: No, Kaycee, Josh and Becca said that Kona can't go in the pond.

Kaysee: Hmmm. Yes, I will let her play in the pond with the fishes.

Kaden: (Sighs) Ugh, girls never listen....


Kristen Archer said...

What? They are your favorite??! Where do my kids land?! :) Just teasing. That is so cute of them, I love that he said that because his face just tells it all.

Evelyn said...

You made me pee laugh. I hate pee laughing. It is wet and embarrassing. You forgot to add in Kaycee's next line... "Josh, you stink."

Julie said...

Becca- I feel like you are cheating on me. You've offered "pizza" to everyone. I thought that was our thing. I liked the "quirks" list. Very entertaining. Also- Classic conversation. That is why you need kids that speak English not dog.