Friday, September 19, 2008

OPTIMISM -- day dreamer more eloquently spelled

-- Mark Twain

I've had a fantastic week full of reflection and uplifting friends! On Wednesday I had the opportunity to go to the temple with a long-lost friend from college and we had such a wonderful time! She really helped me start putting things in perspective and realize all of the wonderful blessings my trials have been in disguise!

And first of all -- my wallet was found! I didn't write about this because I was waiting fore more people to feel sorry for me, hello!!!! A few days after it was stolen, (and after many, many prayers that God would just allow it to be sitting on my desk, unscathed...) I got a call from the bar down the street saying they had found my wallet in the trashcan of their bathroom! Gosh, I must have left it there after I got hammered... I am just so grateful that Heavenly Father does answer prayers! Hooray!


I have decided that although life really sucks sometimes, being optimistic about it maybe isn't that bad after all. My new goal in life is to turn all of those little "ick" moments into something good. For example:

THE BAD-- Josh hurt his GOOD KNEE! why, oh why. (let's pray for no surgery this time!)
THE GOOD -- Maybe I can beat him at tennis now that he can't run after the ball?

THE BAD-- Camera still gone, sniff.
THE GOOD-- If I have no camera to take pictures of, I can't have pictures to look bad in!!!

THE BAD-- Still not feeling great, doctors still can't pin it down.
THE GOOD-- "Mystery disease" can get me out of subbing in nursery.

THE BAD-- Have to go back to my second job next week.
THE GOOD-- Actually, it's not that bad. I secretly like having friends that are still in high school

THE BAD-- My house is a mess. How does that happen in just one week?
THE GOOD-- I've been practicing my manipulation skills all day -- Josh might just be tricked into wanting to clean it, even with only one leg.

THE BAD-- Someone, oh someone please help me decorate my house! I am a failure!
THE GOOD-- No one comes over to see it, I can keep my decorating failure to myself!

Actually, I finally got curtains for our bedroom! It is finished! I will take pictures (with my other camera, but keep that one a secret so it doesn't get stolen) and awe you with how good it looks despite my aesthetic ineptitude.


Evelyn said...

Oh, you're all bright and shiny, and I love it.
First, we should all plan a family race to accomplish to things: 1 - point and laugh at Josh and his waddling. 2- make me able to finally beat someone because I HAVE TO WIN!
Second, your mystery disease is suffering from too much good-lookingness.
And post some curtain pictures, dangit. Your decorating skills are da bomb, yo.

Som and Sot said...

I love how you are trying to see the good in things. It's great.

And I wanna come see your place! Invite me over for dinner or something :0)

The Atkinsons said...

I think your decorating skills are are like martha stewart, minus the jail time. As for Josh, I think he's just trying to see how many hospital wristbands that he can collect...tell him he needs to get a new hobby. Also, HOORAY about the wallet, I'm glad it was found, however you need to lay off the booze so you don't loose it in the first place.

Julie said...

Positive thinking- I love it. I got a plane ticket to come back to utah. October 5th through the 12th. Need anything. 3 visits again. I Loved your decorationg skills so much I just keep coming back.

Laura said...

Way to look on the bright side, sometime's that's hard to do! I'm sure your house looks better than mine, and I'm talking decor and cleanliness. :0) I still haven't finished decorating my bedroom like I want to, and we've been in our house for 3 years. How sad. I'm working on it, hopefully it won't be too much longer... And yay for finding your wallet!! You should have checked there in the first place. :0) Love ya!

Andrew & Laura said...

oh we really need to be friends! i'd love to talk strange diseases with you...i have all sorts of theories about autoimmune diseases i have....i really do have a few...but have you had your thyroid tested??? let's chat msn email: