Thursday, February 21, 2008

What a Week!!

I wanted to make a special post about the past week in my life -- which would be titled something like that, "life". To celebrate new life, our good friends Kam and Rosie had their baby (although 7 weeks early) and Alondra is doing well! She is so tiny (just over 4 pounds) but oh so beautiful! I am absolutely in love with her.

And to cherish the life of one who has left us -- Josh's uncle Cory's wife, Aunt Layna, passed away last Friday, at the young age of 37.
She will be missed and we are keeping her two boys, Dylan and Jordan, in our prayers.
Our Valentines Day was pretty mellow (and I probably could dedicate an entire post on my feelings towards the dreaded commercial holiday) but Josh, even though I begged with him to not do anything, as usual, spoiled me and it was good to spend quality time with him. He also surprised me with calla lillies, which were absolutely beautiful. (I could also dedicate an entire post on my loathe for roses and my happiness that he remembers things like that!)
Besides these events, our lives (Josh and I) remain pretty usual and boring. I've been busy training two new paralegals at my office who I totally adore and am excited to work with people I can share common beliefs and values with for once! Josh is still on the hunt for a job (slowly but surely?) and SURPRISE, he actually cut all of his curly hair off, hoping it will help him in the search... I have never seen Josh with a short haircut since I've known him, so it is going to take some getting used to. Josh hates it though, so I doubt it will stay short for long. I'll try to get pictures while it lasts for those who want to see how handsome my hubby is! (Josh tends to shy away from the camera so it might be while he's sleeping or something...)
Also, we miss our friends! Please come play with us! Our wii is getting limited use right now and we still haven't had anyone besides our friend Jake enjoy a home cooked family meal on our nice new table! So come on by!


Sothea said...

That's a way cute picture of you holding the baby. You should have one of your own!

Seth and Brittney said...

Shoot I wish we could have played with you this weekend while we were up there! Lets plan something soon... And we do want to at least see what his haircut looks like before it grows again, so snap a shot while Josh isn't looking!

the Archers said...

I miss you two Becca! We would come and play your wii, but I gotta warn you that Dave beat a 5 year old the other day, so we're pretty good.... If you wanna mess with that, then sure!

camilleandgregsorensen said...

Your hair is super cute dark! You darn Peterson girls can pull off blonde, black, brunette, I think maybe I hate you for always looking so ridiculously good!