Monday, May 20, 2013

Getting to Know Me?

It's my birthday week. That means that I get to be all about ME and it is okay, right?

I sometimes like to dream that I am a world-famous blogger and people are lining up at my door to interview me. Because you, know, I am really interesting. But then, I remember that I blog like three times a year and my dreams are shattered. So, in the spirit of becoming a better blogger, more self-involved and satisfying all your growing curiosities about how I stay so awesome, I compiled this list (the idea which I copied from several blogs of people who actually write once in a while...) of awesome facts about yours truly:

Things You Should Know About Me if We Are Gonna Be BFFs

--I love grape flavored candy. This is first, because it is most important.

--I am the least photogenic person in the world. I'm sure I could win awards, and everything. (Which is why, after looking through my photos over the past year, I do not have of just me on my computer.)

--My biggest fear is open water. And spiders.

-- I can type over 90 wpm.

--I have never broken a bone.

--Once I was paid $5 to be in a commercial, in which I opened a door and walked into a building. Never saw the commercial, but I know that day a star was born.

--I have also never had stitches.

--I hate fresh blueberries.

--I can't go to the doctor without having them test my thyroid. Every time it is because my neck looks "enlarged". Hence why I am called "Neck" at my house.

--If you were wondering, my thyroid works just fine. I just have a giant neck.

--I was sick with tonsillitis/mono when I graduated college and slept through my entire graduation ceremony.

--I'm not going to tell you about how I got mono in college.

--I love to fly, despite some pretty scary experiences on airplanes (you should ask me about those sometimes.)

--I have only been outside of the U.S. three times, but I'm pretty sure none of them count. (I went to Niagara Falls, Tijuana, and briefly stepped out of the cruise ship in Ensenada.)

--My favorite band of all time is The Smashing Pumpkins.

--I'm a lefty. Except with scissors.

--If I could spend the day with any celebrity, I'd spend it with Steve Carrell. Or Patrick Warburton. I'm pretty sure they would make sure I had a good time.

--I once fought off a would-be purse snatcher with my high heel shoe.

--I am probably the best person ever at fake crying. My chin trembles and everything.

--I have six sisters, and no brothers. (okay, so most people probably know this...) We have our own secret club and everything.

--I love my family. So much, in fact, my husband sometimes calls it "nauseating".

--I don't have a favorite color. It depends on the week, and my mood.

--I also don't have a favorite movie.

--I may have a slight problem with indecision.

--I love Audrey Hepburn. Okay, who doesn't? But, I think she is exquisite. And perfect.

--That's probably enough bullet points that start with "I" to last a lifetime. And, now you know everything there is. Clearly, I'm not even that complex!

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