Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A good week

I love May.  Mother's day, our anniversary and my birthday all happen in May -- which means I can be selfish and spoiled the entire month. What, doesn't everybody? Moving on. In no particular order, here are pictures from my week and weekend for your enjoyment.

This kid LOVES the swings. Almost as much as he loves the train.

In true "Jack Handey" fashion (have you ever read his deep thoughts? The one about Disneyland?) we failed as parents -- a we got him all excited to ride Trax to feed the ducks (at Gardner Village) only to realize the train was not running on Memorial Day. He cried, and cried. So we took him to a park instead.

Josh is ALWAYS serious -- see? Geez, relax and have fun a little, will ya? 

Josh likes to take out-of-focus pictures of me. This one was the least out-of-focus, and shows off my giant rear end. A win-win in my book.

 My face just looks like that most of the time. It's a hot look this summer.

Also a hot look this summer -- static-cling slide hair.

ah crap, he's turning into the hulk. I hope he doesn't rip his shirt, that thing probably cost me $3.

I love my sister -- despite the embarrassing birthday presents and steamy romance novels she gives me.  I also love her baby belly.

My 9 year old sister is getting married? I don't know how these things happen. Yes, I'll go ahead and take all the credit for her beauty.


amanda (+ mike and elle) said...

1- Your hair! So long! And pretty!
2- Must be a conspiracy. All photos of me, too, are blurry. Whatsupwiththathusbands!?

Whitney said...

NOOOOOOO!!! Not a $3 shirt!!!


I love your blurry face. Always.