Friday, November 12, 2010

Time Flies...

I have officially been the worst mother for over a year!  I can't decide if this is worthy of a plaque or a trophy...

It's true, Weston is ONE!!!!  I dont' know how this happened.  I refuse to acknowledge that he is getting older.  So I am going to force him into his newborn clothes for at least a month until the truth sinks in. (it's by doing things like this that I become the worst mother of the year.  Not that I'm trying to give away my secrets...)

In reality, Weston can't even squeeze into 18 month old clothing.  It must be all that protein powder we've been feeding him.  (crappy mommy secret #26)

On the morning of his birthday, he woke up and asked for the keys to the car.  Next week he'll probably be bringing some girl home, and we all know there's not much time left until he's having kids of his own.  Sniff.  My little baby, all grown up!

Many thanks to all of those who attended his awesome Halloween Birthday party on his birthday!  We thought "time flies" was the perfect theme.  Plus, since I have never finished decorating his airplane nursery (crappy mommy secret #9) it was fun to put all of those cute ideas to life. 

(go ahead and comment on how ridiculously cute his invites are.  I like to pat myself on the back when things turn out right -- it doesn't happen that often for me!!!)

My fun, talented, AMAZING friend, Tasha, did all the planning, organizing, decorating and set-up while I sat back and had an anxiety attack over frosting the cupcakes.  Check out Tasha's fun blog here:

Because Tasha is sooo amazing, Weston's awesome airplane party was featured on Catch My Party!  Click on that to see all of the details from his big day. 
Seriously, folks, isn't she amazing?  I truly am blessed to have such wonderful friends/adoring fans of my son. Either that, or Josh has been threatening a lot of people.  Hard to say.

Josh's sister, Katie, was in town from DC.  She was nice enough to make Weston's cute birthday cake!  We all know I don't have that kind of talent.  Thanks, Katie!  Josh's auntie was also in for a visit from New Zealand -- we were so lucky that she was here for his birthday, and also that she made some tasty "lolly-cake" (I still don't think I truly understand what that stuff is...)

Since his party was such a big hit, I think I'll probably have to start planning for his #2 birthday next month.  I do believe we'll be hosting his next birthday party at the senior center/ insane asylum where I'll for sure be by this time next year.... 


Anonymous said...

Well thanks I'm flattered! It was so fun and it helps that Weston is such a handsome little guy!

The Holmgrens said...

So glad his party was hit. Sorry we couldn't make it down there. He looks super cute!