Monday, January 12, 2009

Felt Great (???) in 2008!
Yeah, yeah, the new year's been here for 12 days, but 2008 was just so great we're still hanging on! 2008 was quite an.... adventure? I keep telling myself that the ups and downs of life make life into a fun rollercoaster, even if it makes you puke a few times along the way?

Really, 2008 was not that bad -- we don't regret a thing! Still, we learned a lot and Josh, amazing as it sounds, still loves me at the end! Here are a few of the highlights/things we learned in 2008: (and when I say "we", I mostly mean "me"...)

--Dogs are not as fun as children. They are, however, just as needy and expensive.

--Our new guard dog, Kona protects us from getting a good night’s rest, not having to buy new electronics, glasses, socks and other expensive items she keeps chewing up, and she is vigilant in making sure she eats more of our food than we do. She works 24/7 and is truly priceless. The best part is we got her for free. Wow, they really saw us coming...

--It is not a good idea to take your motion-sick husband go-cart racing for your anniversary.

--Prenatal vitamins do not grow babies. Hair and nails did not grow either. What a jip.

--Men who do not go to the hospital at least 8 times per year are not real men.

--Josh lost a portion of his memory in December. He now firmly believes he is single and brings dates home on a regular basis. Women only, any takers?

--I decided to capitalize on Josh’s memory loss by telling him that he works three jobs, and now he gives me all of his money to spend lavishly on me.

--Having more than one brother-in-law with the same name is not confusing, it is cool. Also, it gives me more excuses to come up with cool nicknames that way. Still waiting for Jakes #3, 4, and 5.

--Solving the mystery of “which auto immune disease do you have” is NOT cool, exciting or adventurous like a Scooby Doo mystery. Nor does it have theme music.

--Electing a President can instantly end world hunger, solve global warming and cure cancer.

-- Playing Mario Kart on the Wii for hours on end is NOT a waste of time. It teaches valuable driving techniques, such as having individualized insults when you electrocute or pass others, and throwing bombs BEHIND you as you drive.

--Nieces and nephews are truly as good as they sound. Niece Hadley can also eat her weight in food on a regular basis. She is huge but still cute.

--If you’ve gotta work two jobs, get a second job where you work with teenagers who idolize you. I really can never run out of teenage dating horror stories to entertain the masses.

--Josh’s dirty deeds done cheap business, founded in March, is taking off. Selling alcohol to minors or getting rid of neighbor’s annoying pets are just a few of the services he provides. Cash only, please.

Although 2009 hasn't brought us sunshine and rainbows yet... we remain optimistic -- it's only a matter of time before Josh's superhero powers kick in.


Miss Heather said...

What a fun post! You crack me up!!

Kristen Archer said...

Wow, the lessons. Maybe you should stay in 2008, I can learn from you without all the doing too! What are you doing as a second job now? (Or are you just talking about the good ole Mervyn's days?) Oh, and how can I get Dave in on this memory loss thing....... let me know.

Mandy said...

That post made me tired....I need a nap, you probably do too!

Evelyn said...

You forgot your most important lesson of all, Becca.
Your neck can shield others against gun-fire. Sheesh.

You are pretty awesome, I will say.

Sarah said...

Becca, I love reading your blog. I don't always comment, but I'm here. :) I appreciate your ability to see the humor in it all!

Angela, Grady and Boys said...

Hey there! That was a fun post! I think it's important to write things like that down...haven't gotten to my 2008 recap yet. We haven't seen you guys in forever! I would still love to come see your cute house! Well, we went private on our blog and so I just need your email address if you're interested in viewing it. Let me know!