Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The future Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson!!!
I have had my next post planned out since I got to see some of my best friends in the world this monday (I guess that makes me obsessed when I plan out days in advance what I'm going to post about) BUT I was just uploading some pictures from my camera when I came across these beauties and couldn't help myself and jumped ahead to post this. Lexi and Hayden have won my heart forever. Brooke and Sara, you girls are experts in the cute kid department!

Maybe in 20 years or so Hayden will have a Cousin Lund, eh?


Evelyn said...

Hey, like dad said... you know how to do it. Not 20 years!!

The Atkinsons said...

Yay for Cousins!!! I'm so glad that you are Brady's twin sister! And thank heavens for our sister-in-law that makes it possible for us to get Pepperidge Farm discounts! Wahoo!! Cute pictures by the way.

Angela Howell said...

20 years?!!! You better now wait that long! Having your own kids are just too much fun to wait that long! Besides, you and Josh would have such cute can't waste that! :)