Friday, August 17, 2007

Well, here we are, the Lunds... new at this whole blogspot thing. We've been married since May of 2006 (that's 15 months now) and we still like each other!
We are living in Midvale, and are always lonely for company, so come see us! Josh just found out he passed his Social Epidemiology class (only he would've gotten a better grade if he would just let me do his homework for him!!!) so that means he will graduate in December! Life is great and fun, and we both can't wait to see what adventures wait ahead for us!


*C said...

Yay!! You're Blogging!! I can keep tabs on you now! :) By the way, your blog looks great so far.

Love ya!

Sothea said...

Hey Cute Girl!

Evelyn Heaton said...

Deebit squeebit, I finally did what you told me to do. Be my friend. Luv ya!